Tectoro’s proven framework of integrity, quality & reliability were the stems in establishing a matured relationship with market leaders in niche verticals/domains. As a frontrunner in grappling the new technologies and as well with the deep domain expertise, most of our valued partners look forward to a product development partnership. At Tectoro, we use our disruptive technical expertise, swiftness and tailored customer solutions to help you facilitate the great IT products and world-class experience to the consumers.

Tectoro offers these distinguished services for the products/application:

  • Maintenance.
  • Integration.
  • Automation testing.
  • Modernization and re-engineering.

Our procedures in managing product development for technology companies include:

  • Understanding of software development processes and industry-specific practices.
  • SMap disruptive technologies in product and application development.
  • We define a stable working environment, such as for build, versioning and releases.