Why Choose us?

Tectoro’s development frameworks are enthusiastically approachable and adjustable under the ever-changing application life cycle practices and methods. Our dynamically planned approaches are tuned in harmony to the business progressions. We strive to deliver well improved, value-driven and comprehensively catered projects/applications with our strategy and models.

Our development approaches

Incremental/iterative/waterfall model

Tectoro, with well-organized and cross-capability teams, is following an internationally
recognized multiple-phase delivery development model. The following are the advantages
of the same.

Adjustable approach
Lesser iteration cycles
Reliable customer feedback
Manageable goals
Comfortable risk control

Agile Scrum approach

With the adjustable planning, time-bounded iterations, flexible change requests have made
the agile scrum model an internationally acclaimed methodology in the development life
cycle. Our adaptable cross-capability and self-organizing teams are well versed with this
conceptual framework, which supports ever-changing interactions all over the development
life cycle.

Budgeted releases and timeframes
Accountable teams and collaborative workspaces
Rapidity in iterations
Stability in testing
Feedback based change requests

Our development approaches

Fixed Time & Cost Estimate

This engagement model is primarily suitable for a client with precise needs and boundaries. Upon providing the requirements, interim goals are set, and payments are fixed. Based on the delivery of the goals, the payments are processed.

Time & Material

This engagement model is primarily suitable for ever-changing evolutionary projects. As the projects/products tend to evolve over the period, and the clients will have the advantage of having control over the team size, timelines and properties.

Offshore Development Centre

We indulge in setting up a workstation in Tectoro by picking up the prime cross-capable full- time and enthusiastic workforce. This serves as an extension to your existing team and will be in sync with developmental milestones and businesses. Our unique security procedures enable the clients to gain dedicated control over the group.

Software Creation & IP Rights Transfer

We partner in developing customized solutions for the clients and handover the ownership rights. The clients then can rebrand or utilize the same solution across the niche verticals and geographies.

Our centre for excellence

Go beyond and dream big – Our determination to innovate our workforce is a never-ending
notion. With an in-house employee empowerment solution, we made sure to address all
the gaps we found in our journey. All our employees enhance their abilities by undergoing
in-house domain and technical training in the niche financial verticals and disruptive